Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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10 Things about me: that you may or may not already know...

1. Music is a big part of my life. I've played the piano since I was 5 and started taking lessons at 8. It makes me sad sometimes because I haven't seriously played since I was a senior in H.S. So I'm not any better than I was then- I think I'm actually worse! In addition to playing piano, I write my own songs. Which I LOVE to do.

2. I'm a runner.. not sure why. It started in H.S. when I wanted to lose some weight. My mom would wake me up at 4am to go running around town with her- since I had to be at seminary at 6am. I'm nothing like her- she's ran everything from turkey trots to marathons. But I'm positive I will always run!

3. I'm organized and a neat freak. I like everything to be in it's place.. even when I'm making dinner, I clean up while I go.

4. I love art... not so much going to art museums (although those are cool and I have gone to several) but, making my own! Sometime my senior year I started taking my old Seventeen magazines and cutting them up and I'd make mosaics. From the clippings I had, I made my own version of "Starry Night" and I made a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Stuff like that. That, and sketching are my favs.

5. I started my own business after I graduated and moved to Virginia. I was a Dog Walker! Yes, it is a real job. Yes, people go to school for it. (OK- it's like a short course you take and get a license) Mine was called "Connie's Canine Care" haha! No lie, it's an official business in Arlington, Virginia... my mom now runs it. I was sponsored by the Metropolitan of Arlington- every new move-in they had, they referred them to me as their local dog walker. I saved a dog's life once- and I risked my own on occasion. It was a blast. I miss it!

6. I shop alone. Don't get me wrong, I do love going to the mall with my girlfriends! But I find I get much more accomplished when I go by myself. Tony is the WORST person to go with- he makes a face the whole time. So I prefer to go alone...

7. Although I graduated High School at 17, I didn't get my license until I was 18. All my other friends were driving at 15 and 16 but not me. And I didn't care... frankly, driving is a chore and I love it that Tony drives every time we go somewhere.

8. I'm just a plain white girl. I've been told I look... "authentic" but, I'm not that cool. I have the darkest hair in my whole family which is naturally curly. I loathe my curly hair. Which was a major trial in my teen years because I didn't want the boys to see me at the pool looking like a poodle. "trial". psh.

9. I went on a freak diet when I was in college- I ate nothing but whole grain stuff and I converted to soy milk. Truth is... I never saw any good come of it. I also banned myself from chocolate for a whole year! Truth is... NO good will ever come of that! Don't do it, friends!

10. And last but not least I'm a journaler. I've been a journal keeper pretty much since I could write. And right now I'm on journal #21. I still have all of them safely boxed up taking up space. My first ever journal entry started off, "I love matt. i want to mary him" haha! It's downright hilarious to go back and read them. For example, my "Goals for 1997" were, "1.find a boyfriend 2. be nicer 3. be cooler 4. be popular" Bahaha! The list goes on but I think that pretty much sums it up! What aspirations!

Ok, so there you have it. Also, Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad (yesterday!) 26 years! What an ecstatic pair! haha! (Sorry mom this is the only old picture I had- and neither of you look exactly happy...)

Brody is 5months old today, crazy!

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Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

what an enlightening post!!!
One thing we have in common: I love art too! I've just started a new project and have another set that i want ot start on too (you should totally come over and see! - we could even 'art' together!)
One thing we do not have in common: I organized (I blame a lot of that on Bon). As my house is evident, I make messes and plan on cleaning them some day...but only do when it's absolutely necessary.

I loved this post! Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

How could you hate your curly hair!!! That is something I have always wanted. My little sister is the only one that got it from my mom. I've been envious my whole life!!!

No wonder you are such a talented writer...you've had lots of practice. Journaling is one thing I want to get better at.

Again, I love your posts. They are so very enjoyable!!!

Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

*meant to say that i am NOT organized

ashwes said... Reply To This Comment

Hey guys!!! i was glad to see you left a comment! AND , i had No idea you guys had a little baby brody!! he's precious! Great to see your cute little family; its fun isnt it!!! you guys look great!! keep in touch! Connie, i thought you guys adopted the baby, because in your pics it doesnt even look like you had a baby!! YOu are so beautiful! Wellp, see ya later!
ashley and wes wright!

Ty said... Reply To This Comment

glorious post. i also love music, play the piano, like art, and am a clean freak. I love the fact that you had a dog walking business-EXCELLENT!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I am pretty sure we are twins.

I used to be a runner...until I got sick of it after a season of Cross Country.

I love shopping alone.

I love to clean as I go.

I go on weird diets too..they suck.

I hate my curly hair too!

I love art!

Anne Molino said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, how funny. I learned some new things and i'm YOUR SISTER!

ashwes said... Reply To This Comment

HEy connie-
we're like totally on our blogs at the same time, cuz i just got that last comment!!! That is way cool that we have the same birthday!!!!! it looks like yours was way fun!! ( i was driving in the car to nebraska on my day; well our bday!!!) also, tell tony that wes and i say hello :) you guys are way cute together!

Carrie Carp said... Reply To This Comment

Ooh, Connie, I need to learn more about this dog walking business!