Sunday, August 3, 2008

July happenings

The month of July was a fun one for me. I started babysitting, I had family come visit, and I made my first trip out of Arizona with just Brody and I. My sister Anne and her kids, as well as my brother Mike, came to Arizona for a couple days. So Brody got to meet his cousins on the Nelson side of things. We went to a splash park in Tempe the day they got here. I had no idea we had those around here and actually there are a ton of them. We picked one which ended up being a different one than we thought, so it wasn't as big and nice but no one was there so at least we got the place to ourselves.
Our fourth of July was spent mostly at my sister-in-laws for a BBQ and swim party. It's also Tony and my tradition to go see a movie in the morning so we saw "Get Smart". The only disappointing thing about the day was that we missed fireworks. Normally they'll watch them on their roof but because of a storm that was rolling in, we stayed in and just watched a movie. I'm starting to like the 4th of July more and more because it's one of the few holidays in which I don't have to give any thought to what to get people- or worry about what we're going to do that's fun for everyone. It could be the same thing every year for the rest of my life (movie, food, swim, fireworks), and I'll love it! I love not spending a butt load of money on gifts and still having a great day! haha! This picture cracks me up- I had no idea we were taking our family picture in front of a construction zone in their backyard. Oh well.

And as for my trip with Brody... we went to California for a very short 2 days. And I mean extremely short. For an extra 20 bucks I was going to change my flight to be there for an extra 3 days but it ended up working out great that I left when I did because Tony and I got to go to the movies with some friends one night, and the next day I had to rush Tony to the ER. It was good that I was here for him. So I flew out monday morning and flew home tuesday night. The days were spent chowing down on delicious mexican candy, Bubu Lubu, burning myself to a crisp at Huntington beach, and mostly being with my favorite people in the world, my family.

Before the trip, I was obsessed with the idea of taking sibling pictures- I wanted to take so many everywhere we went. But I only got a few.. meh. This summer has been awesome so far... and I just found out I may get to go back to California in a couple weeks. So cross your fingers for me... cause I really want to go!

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