Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm such a mom now

Just thinkin....
Now I understand why my dad would always call my mom a "pack mule". It's because everywhere she went, she lugged around her purse (which is more commonly known as a duffle bag), at least one type of camera, and everyone else's crap. Now I'm the pack mule. Going to church each week is like going to summer camp. We're never without two huge bags in addition to the carrier. I'm a fulltime mommy body builder. The ironic part is that dispite all the weightlifting I do, my biceps stay the same. What's the deal with that??

AND ANOTHER THING::: it's not such a big thing, really... I've just noticed that ever since I've gotten married I have had nearly no opinion towards anything. Tony asks me what I want to watch on TV, I don't care. He asks me what I want to make for dinner, and I don't care. Granted those aren't such HUGE life altering decisions, but even when it comes to picking out my own child's name, I don't care! Tony has just about named our first 7 children. (And I think we're stopping at 5.) Anyway, I used to care about so much more! I've completely changed and I'm starting to get bored of myself. I don't even love things like music, like I used to. Well it's all going to stop. Would you like to know what inspired the change? Apple pie. Yup. The other day I was invited to make apple pies at a ladys house in my ward. She could almost be my grandmother... this was very unlike me. I usually pick friends more my age. But who was I to turn down her offer to supply all of the ingredients and teach me how to make homemade pies from scratch? So I didn't. I went and I made a pie and I had a blast! So I'm throwing out the old me- the sudden introvert who focuses too much on dirty diapers now to realize I should still allow my own progression. I'm of course still all about making my boys happy but I should focus more on me, too.

For starters, I've been listening to music more. And lately I'm really liking Sherwoods latest album: "A Different Light." Mike had it went I went to California for the couple days. I do realize I've missed out on lots more great music- all thanks to the rock I've been living under. So any suggestions on albums to check out? Anyway here's to the new me... any one of your grandma's free this friday night? (:

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Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

Hey there, Blog Buddie! So i tried typing in your URL last night to find your blog, but i was only typing in Balluff so it took me to some italian person's blog! Haha! I didn't even think to put an 's' at the end until my lunch break today! What a goober! And now that i found your blog, i have to tell you, i LOVE it! it's so unique - it's like you SPLICED THREE HTML CODES TOGETHER! haha, but seriously, it's way cute.

well, free to wander over to my site any time... it's bessiebrannan.blogspot

oh, and i'm glad you found me on facebook, too! look at us - blog buddies AND facebook friends! oh the alliteration!

Tony & Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Haha! Oh jessie.. "HOW DID YOU KNOW?" (=

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

Hey! I found your blog through Alecia's. You're so cute. I totally feel the same way that you do. I haven't lost my opinions about things (I don't think I ever will, I'm way to opinionated) but I agree that I need to take more time for myself. Rediscover who I am and what I love.

Anyways...come and check out our blog.

And by the way I love your template!!! So cute. Where did you find it? I'm looking for a new one. Not that I'd steal yours. Just to see if they had anymore cute ones.

Carrie Carp said... Reply To This Comment

Okay, Connie, you don't know me and the last time I saw your husband I think he was mad at me, but I just saw you guys on Tiffany's blog and had to say hi. I just read your post on losing yourself to motherhood and I think you should know it's taken me over a year to realize I need to get out from under my rock! You're doing WAY better than me!

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and hoped that you could tell Tony I say hi too. I hope we're still friends, but it's been like 30 years since I saw him last.

By the way, your son is seriously adorable and it's so good to see my old friend with some a cute family!!

-Carrie (Johnson) Carpenter

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

mmmmm and that apple pie was delicious! and right now we are making a rainbow cake! talk about the best re-discovering project ever!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

silverstein has a new album.
all time low is my new favorite band. check em out they're pretty good.