Thursday, September 9, 2010

Food, love, and food.

I found this one saved... thought I'd add to it.
The other day I was in another room- found my phone- and decided to send Tony this:
you know the default pictures on your phone?  They can be quite powerful in strengthening that there relationship yer in, let me just say. heh.

I almost sent it (he was in the other room).  But then I thought, It would be SO MUCH CUTER if I sent it half way through his work day.  After all, it was Sunday and we'd just spent all of Sunday and half of Saturday together.  But before I got the chance, look what he sent me half way through the day on Monday:
Great minds think alike!  Or, he was just proving to be the better, more thoughtful spouse  :p

He works like a dog- and needs all the nutrients he can get... you'd think he'd eat his lunch without any delay.... but instead, he thought of me and got some of my favorite chips along with his sub- just to save them to give me when he got home from work.  He obviously knows how to warm my heart!  Not to mention he knew I was craving chunky monkey and got me my own pint... then surprised me with a 2nd one for a rainy day... or the next day. (;

By now you have all figured out Tony is awesome.  How's this night I was busy at a photo shoot and wasn't going to be able to make dinner.  When I got home he had dinner all set up and he says, "Welcome to Charleston's"  On the table was a dinner just like our favorite Charleston's meal and i KID YOU NOT it was an exact replica.  Had I known this guy could cook like this, I would've jumped on that a little earlier in life.
(Grilled chicken, avocado, sprouts, bacon...mmm)
Oh and Labor day was fun- the whole weekend was spent partying with our family.  First the Michigan game on Saturday at my brother-in-laws house (they won!) and then our Labor day pool party food feast.

Brody was in a bad mood that afternoon but dew lifted his spirits (not my idea)
I wanted to get a picture of all 3 of us in our Michigan shirts (plus it was a good hair day) but I lost interest in that idea after I realized I forgot diapers, had to leave to get some, came home burning hot, and minutes later was drenched in apple juice.  Glamorous.
Brody had no interest in swimming- he just wanted to stay inside the whole time and play with the micro machines.
Tony is a beast in the pool- he frightens me.  Haha!  So of course I played ON his team.
Aww, we love you too Brody!  (Even though your hair is out of control;)

ps. I'm 29 weeks!  Holy crap!

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Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

The grilled chicken avocado club is my fave too!!

Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh, you are the cutest couple ever. It just has to be the best to be married to your soulmate.

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

Go Blue! I want to come to the next football watching party. I'm so happy college football season is back.

Oh, and yadayadayada... the sandwich looked good, tony is so sweet, etc...

But I love that the whole wall in that room is a Michigan mural.

Emily said... Reply To This Comment

Hello connie! my name is Emily,and i'm a 19 year old farely newly married LDS mom of one from Idaho. i'm a more recent fololwer to your blog, and i just love reading about your adventures! hope you don't mind:) just wanted you to know who that extra view every other way belonged to:) also i'm thinking about getting a new camera soon, i'm lusting after a few but i have so many different review from photographers in the family that i'm just trying to go with outside opinions at this point. haha would you mind telling me what type/brand of camera you use?
thanks so much again for sharing your life, its really fun to have someone to relate too.
~ Emily from idaho

ashley wright said... Reply To This Comment

cute post!!

youre 29 weeks????

wow! i swwwear everyone elses' pregnancies always go SO much faster than your own!
you look awesome!

Chelsea said... Reply To This Comment

You take suck good pics I am jealous! I seriously need to replace my not so good point & shoot for something a little more nice :)

Chelsea said... Reply To This Comment

P.S. Congrats on already being at 29 weeks!!

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Cute post daughter! I love how Brody is watching you in the pool from the inside of the house. It's also cute how you and Tony thought alike! Hey, that meal looks good---next time you visit, Tony can make us all lunch! Love, Mother

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

This pregnancy has gone really fast for me. You are seriously adorable with your little belly.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Emily! Thanks for saying HI! I want to head over to your site but your profile is blocked. What's your blog address?! Email me and let's talk photography (: